Shamanic Healing is about transformation of the inner pain or sadness almost everyone feels deep inside. Once this pain becomes transformed, your whole life and the way you deal with life changes.

Somehow as a child we created an attitude towards life as a reaction to painful circumstances. As a child you weren’t able to understand everything that happened and to deal with it the reaction is to shield off the pain and find ways to get round it. Once such a way to try to ignore the pain starts all next experience will count to that. It is like starting to wear coloured glasses. Once your glasses are yellow you see the world as yellow and everything in the world IS yellow to you.

A shaman is an expert in feeling and especially in feeling these deeper layers that we try to shield off and ignore. By embracing that deeply felt pain which is unconscious the pain becomes transformed and is no longer there. This way your attitude towards life becomes transformed and life will respond to that.

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  1. [...] by admin on February 17, 2011 Healing by a shaman This week Shuem Soul Experience takes you into the world of healing by a shaman. Stefan speaks from his experience with thousands of clients about healing, soul, transformation and altered states of consciousness.   In healing a shaman restores harmony in feeling (soul). Soul carries the roots on which your life is built and thereby defines your outlook on life. By making use of altered states of consciousness a shaman becomes conscious of one’s deeply felt tears in soul and takes them over. Once the burden is taken off all areas of life adjust to the new situation.   Free Healingmeditation In the second part of the show you can join a shamanic healing-meditation. This ritual stills the mind and eases one’s emotions and is very pleasant to undergo. To optimally experience this healing-meditation it is advised to stop doing other things, to sit or lie down and listen to the ritual through headphones.   > This show no longer is available. You can find a newer show on Healing here. [...]

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