Inner Freedom is about lessening the impact of the programs which stem from your youth. The way you experience your world was shaped when you were very young. When you want to change your life, the first thing to do is to lessen the impact of these memories.

Therefor first you’ll have to stop acknowledging these programs in your thinking. At the moment it seems as if you ‘are’ like that, but with meditation and shamanic healing it becomes clear these are not the same. By widening your perspective you start to create some distance between what you perceive and yourself. This way you become less bounded to your programs. Listen to Stefan’s talk about this mechanism and the way you can enhance your inner freedom.

In the second part of the show enjoy a Reset Meditation. This shamanic ritual supports the process to inner freedom by letting you share in wider states of consciousness. Listen to it through headphones, sit down, relax and let the ritual take you into inner peace.

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