Life is a miraculous happening. As long as humanity exists, we try to find out what it is. Wouldn’t it be much more simple to just celebrate it by accepting that you don’t and cannot know, but are part of it nevertheless?

When you look at life, it gives you all the ingredients to live a fulfilled life. Nature gives us a beautiful example of the perfection with which life has organised itself. Everything grows naturally, a plant automatically turns towards the sun, ecosystems are perfectly organised with a niche for all species. We don’t have to do anything about it; life just provides everything.

Everything in nature has an inner knowledge of how to live optimally and we as human being have that inner knowledge as well. Re-attune to that inner knowlegde and trust life as it is.

I know many people who read the above will think ‘ah yes, that’s nice and true, but I cannot do that, because….’. Therefore, I’d like to invite you to regularly do a Reset Meditation. Here’s one for free, with a short introduction and beautifully filmed:

You can find more Reset Meditations for free in all radio shows on this website

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