For many the subconscious seems like a black box. Something you’d better stay away from and you cannot trust. Since studies reveal our decision making merely stems from the subconscious, this ‘black box thinking’ can be a serious obstacle to experience happiness and joy. In this post let’s explore a bit more about the subconscious and how we can start to trust it.

When you look at the definitions of subconscious, it is something like ‘the part of your mind which operates without your awareness and over which you have no active control. At the Consciousness like an icebergsame time brain scans and studies reveal you make your decisions long before you are aware of it and this subconscious decision making is most of the time far more accurate than the conscious decision making that may follow. About 90% of everything you are as a human being is subconscious, just like a giant iceberg of which only a small top is above the surface.

Once you become accustomed to work with the subconscious, you can experience this yourself in everyday life. To give an example:

I drove into town to buy a specific product which is sold in three shops. Two in the center of the town and one in the Western area. While driving I wondered which shop to choose and somehow I thought I should go to the center, since in the other one it would not be available. However, I decided differently for various reasons and drove to the shop in the Western part of town. Once in the  shop it became clear my initial or gut feeling had been right; the product was not available. I ended up driving into the center and it cost me an extra one-and-a-half hour that I would not have spended that way when I would have trusted the initial thought which came from the subconscious.

This example clearly demonstrates how accurate the subconscious ‘knows’ what to do. It is this gut feeling that most of the time is accurate.

Another detail in this example is that the subconscious somehow knows more than you can reasonably know of. To understand this part, in Shuem Shamanism four fields or dimensions of experience are distinguished:

  • Body: the material dimension, your body, things and objects. In this dimension you can clearly observe a distinction between this and that.
  • Mind: thinking and thoughts. Mind is the conscious thinking. Although you cannot grab it like body, it still is very structured.
  • Soul: feeling and emotion. Soul is the subconscious dimension of feeling and emotion. It contains all memory, is timeless and is where intuition and creativity stem from.
  • Spirit: the will, direction and conviction. Although subconscious Spirit has an active steering capacity.

Soul – the subconscious part we deal with in this blogpost – is not structured at all. It is more like water which flows from here to there, disregarding the boundaries of Body and Mind. Soul is the reason why you can know things you ‘reasonably’ could not know of.

Still, even now that you know the reason why, for many Soul is like a black box. To live a fulfilled life however and experience harmony, it is a prerequisite all four dimensions of your experience are in harmony within themselves and communicate harmoniously with each other. With our Western way of thinking, in which the subconscious Soul is like an untrustworthy black box we deny an essential part of who we are. Because of that we experience problems like stress, anxiety, fear, depression et cetera. We are swept away by circumstances, distrust life and most of all, ourselves.

At the same time, the human potential is enormous, unlimited and creative. Why waste it?

A first step towards living from your full potential is to start trusting the subconscious, Soul. A very effective way to work on that is Shamanism, which is a way to enter the realm of Soul directly. However, you can start working with Soul today, for instance by paying attention to your gut feeling. Don’t change what you would normally do immediately;  just try to become aware of your gut feeling or the first thought that arises in answer to a question. Make a mental note of it and just keep on doing the things as you would normally do. Try to find out whether this first thought was right or not.

You are invited to experiment with this little exercise and to share your experience with it in response to this post.

When you’d like to know more about this subject, also listen to the radio show On Soul, perception and happiness.

Or start working with it through the online courses by Shuem



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