When you want to increase contentment in your life, it is time to look inside. Contentment arises from within. It is not the satisfaction of what you want. It is about happily accepting the way things are – or at least those things you cannot change. Although this might sound a little presumptuous, it is close by for everyone. Inner peace is always present, it’s just that we forget to pay attention to it.

In our Western world we live in a world of hunger. Driven by commercials, advertising stories and newspapers we are hungry for money, a big car, success and the newest gadgets. When we don’t have access to material wealth we feel a miserable looser. However, there are lots of people who do have a lot of money and can afford everything, without being happy. Something on the inside still tells them the same story and the satisfaction remains only for a short while. This way we experience the world and everything we perceive in it as an enemy instead of being our friend.

Contentment is something very different from satisfying your wants and wishes. It is about discovering who you really are on a deeper level. On this deeper level you will find that Acceptance and Love is the basis of your life.

To reach these deeper levels you’ll  first have to recognize that your reactions, thoughts and feelings are not as important as we’re made to believe. Normally we let ourselves be dragged along by every impulse that comes along. We’re used to let our attention be captured by every thought or feeling that pops up. Once you recognise this mechanism, these thoughts and feelings become something that just pops up and isn’t as personal as you always believed and  you realize you don’t have to get involved.

Realizing Contentment is not about trying to change your thoughts by for instance starting to think positive. This would only attract new thoughts. It neither is about talking with the spirits or having ‘great spiritual insights’ since that also leads to wanting more of these ‘spiritual experiences’. It is about regularly contacting the inner peace inside that is beyond thoughts and feelings.

A great way to discover the relativity of your thoughts and feelings and enter these deeper levels within is Meditation. During meditation you just reside in being in silence. A state of being that is very peaceful and open. By regularly contacting this silent being within yourself you will notice it starts to filter through to your daily life. Then you live your life out of trust and daily life becomes a beautiful playground in which we share, respect each other fully and experience contentment.

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