Sparkling and happy people are people we like to be with and like to be ourselves as well. However, what can we do when we don’t experience our life like that? The answer actually is very simple;

Bring back the sparkle in your life.

be in the here and now.

It is here and now that your life takes place and where you are ‘alive’. Most of the time however, we dream or worry about the future and the past. These are the memories, fantasies and dreams we pay lots of attention to. This way our energy gets scattered over hundreds of things and we have hardly any energy to be the sparkle we want to be. Realise however that you are not your thoughts or your emotions; they just pop up within you and it’s up to you whether you go with them or not. Just let them be instead of them bossing you around.

Since the here and now is your reality already it’s quite easy to make the change. Here’s a simple but very effective way you can do this: Feel your feet on the Ground. Nothing more, nothing less. Your feet are already here and now, so by feeling them on the ground, your attention comes into the here and now as well. Repeat this simple exercise time and time again and you will find out this creates inner freedom and gives your life that sparkle again.

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