On a personal as well as on a societal level, we nowadays experience lots of problems. Many people feel insecure, experience anxiety and are full of worry. According to the way the mystics consider human experience, it is not that strange. Somehow we’ve come to believe each of us is like a drop; a personal unity that has to defend its’borders. When you start making use of wider states of consciousness it soon becomes clear this perspective is quite relative.

You might already have experienced this on a small scale. For instance when you intuitively know something which rationally you would not be able to know. This kind of intuition as well as ‘knowing what someone else feels’, is part of the subconscious experience of Soul. While with our Body and in thinking, we can clearly distinguish differences between ‘this’ and ‘that’, Soul is like water. It streams from here to there and doesn’t stick to any borders. You could say it is like a wave in which you participate of which you become conscious through your thinking. Shamanism is directed to work with this Soul dimension in order to┬álearn to ride this wave!

Once you know how to ride the wave you can get to know the ocean, or as the mystics realize; it’s all water, H2O.

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