Shuem Soul Experience is hosted by Stefan. Radiohost, healer and teacher

About fifteen years ago he worked as a certified therapist and healer when he discovered Shuem Shamanism, a powerful and effective way of healing, harmonisation and transformation. Frédéric Antonious introduced him into the basics and Stefan’s life changed completely. It soon became clear this was his calling and he started to give shamanic healing. Since then he has treated many thousands of people.

After a few years he also started to teach. His students experience Stefan as a teacher who brings spirituality with both feet on the ground and a good sense of humour while at the same time he lets you experience the connection with what is beyond words.

In the Shuem Soul Experience radio show Stefan offers an energetic point of view on living and a free healingmeditation for free. This way everyone around the world can share in widened states of consciousness. States that are beneficial to experience greater harmony and inner peace in daily life.

Shuem Soul Experience is an invitation to share in the field experience in which we are connected and can make a change for our own lifes as well as others.

Information on (online) training, healing and meditation by Stefan is available on

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