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Live in the here and now

Life is a miraculous happening. As long as humanity exists, we try to find out what it is. Wouldn’t it be much more simple to just celebrate it by accepting that you don’t and cannot know, but are part of it nevertheless? When you look at life, it gives you all the ingredients to live a   Read More …

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Contentment arises from within

When you want to increase contentment in your life, it is time to look inside. Contentment arises from within. It is not the satisfaction of what you want. It is about happily accepting the way things are – or at least those things you cannot change. Although this might sound a little presumptuous, it is   Read More …

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Sparkling and happy people are people we like to be with and like to be ourselves as well. However, what can we do when we don’t experience our life like that? The answer actually is very simple; be in the here and now. It is here and now that your life takes place and where   Read More …

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