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A natural law of our universe it that you become what you focus on. It is the Law of Attraction and is recognized in spiritual traditions as well as in modern science. Question is how we can make use of this information to improve the way we create and experience our lives. This episode of   Read More …

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Inner Peace is ‘just Being’ and arises automatically once you stop longing. Our Western society with its marketing and media stimulates us to long for things all the time. Once we buy this or do that it states that we experience happiness. Longing however is similar to be hungry all the time and although there’s   Read More …

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To experience inner peace you’ll have to let go a bit of your involvement in things. Most of the time we’re obsessed with everything that arises whether it is a thought , a feeling, an event or a reaction. Spirituality is letting go of this involvement and thereby discover that you actually are this open   Read More …

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