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Oneness is what you already are. At the moment you perceive something fusion happens immediately. Most of the time we’re not really aware of it, but everyone knows it: you feel completely different when you’ve made a walk in the woods or have been into a busy city center. Your surroundings directly influence your mood   Read More …

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Coming December you can experience Shuem Soul Experience live at the Law of Attraction Radio Network Cruise around the Carribean! Stefan will provide workshops, healing and meditations for you to experience the deep transformational power of it. Have a look at:

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Life expresses itself in duality. When you have a coin, there are always two sides. When there is white there is black, darkness and light, happiness and unhappiness. Who prays for peace, prays for war as well. As long as we long for one side of the coin, disappointment will be our share. Once you   Read More …

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