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Reality is something we create ourselves. Deep down inside everyone knows exactly what is the right thing to do. With thinking we justify things and actions, but this denial of our ‘inner knowledge’ has consequences that one way or another come back to you. ‘Doing the Right Thing’ is about living according to your inner knowledge   Read More …

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Transpersonal Rituals can be found in all spiritual paths and religions worldwide. These rituals are to forget oneself for a moment and re-connect to wider states of ‘being’. Although not very known anymore in Western society, these rituals have a profound effect on well-being. In this episode of Shuem Soul Experience Stefan introduces this subject,   Read More …

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Ritual is an essential part of human life and can be used as an instrument of structuring our experience of life. It exists on every level of living, from daily life to experiencing wider states of being. A special kind of ritual are transpersonal rituals that lead you beyond your own thoughts and restores the   Read More …

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