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Happiness, spirituality and oneness are all very closeby and present the very moment you read this text as well as any other time. If you experience it or not is only a matter of perception. 

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Healing by a shaman This week Shuem Soul Experience takes you into the world of healing by a shaman. Stefan speaks from his experience with thousands of clients about healing, soul, transformation and altered states of consciousness.

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The Shuem Soul Experience is a radio show with a free healingmeditation and talks about attention, shamanism, energy, spirituality and more.  This weekend the first show is broadcasted on radiostations through the USA.  In this first show you will find out more about attention management and its benefits.

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This month, Stefan – your host at the Shuem Soul Experience – was interviewed by dr. Carl O. Helvie in The Holistic Health Show. The second part of the show is a healingmeditation. When you listen to it, it is best to sit down, close your eyes, relax and enjoy. This healingmeditation transforms negativity and   Read More …

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